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Right Where You Need Us
ORB Consulting uses a flexible approach that allows us to meet you right
where you need us. We work with professionals and organizations who
choose to supplement an existing human resource division, as well as those
who find it beneficial to employ our services in place of a conventional human
resource division.

We Offer a Variety
ORB provides workplace compliance solutions to professionals in small- to
medium-sized companies and organizations. We are committed to offering
clients an opportunity to engage their associates in current topics that both
develop the
workforce. In the end, the learning experiences promote individual
empowerment, favorable workplace environments, and achievement of overall
business goals.

Risk Management
We also offer courses that influence and enhance learning outcomes that may
help mitigate potential workforce litigation, shape organizational vigor, and
build on industry growth. 
Additionally, ORB professionals can meet with your
staff to determine if there are disparities in your workplace, which may subject
your organization to risk, and collaborate with you on solutions to rectify

Our consulting services are available in a variety of ways:

  • face to face

  • on-site or off-site (virtually)

  •  teleconferences

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