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ORB’s Mission: Inspired by our own experiences in successful partnerships, to design, develop, and deliver tailored, energetic, and engaging training to both professional and hourly employees throughout the customers’ organizations. 

Call (or text) for a consultation: 614-935-9842


3 ORB offers:

  • Results-driven classes that are modified to be in line with your corporate policies and procedures or used as-is “off-the-shelf”.

  • In-depth education through one-on-one, virtual, and/or interactive classroom sessions that build your workforce’s knowledge, awareness, and morale about today’s tough topics.

  • A timely and meaningful curriculum; many pieces can be used for “train the trainer”--so you can continue to enhance your team’s capabilities and communication skills!

Training topics include:

Customer Skills & Relationship Building


Workplace Ethics

Workplace Discrimination (For Leaders Only)

Workplace Communication Essentials

Generations in the Workplace

Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence & Your Customers

Inclusion & Cultural Diversity

Presentation Skills

Sexual Harassment

Workplace Violence

Business Savvy 

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Hello, I’m O. Regina Bond!


My commitment to you is that we ensure a stellar level of service that will
help your organization compete and succeed—all through tailored services
that will position the organization for long-term success. 
I am honored to work and partner with consultants who are highly
professional and committed to the growth of organizations-in-need. No
matter how small or great those needs are, we are dedicated to helping you
improve upon them.
Just like its name “ORB Consulting”, we take great pride in the results ORB
can deliver and truly want to support your journey.

O. Regina Bond, Owner & Consultant


ORB Consulting is a Representative and partner of BALM Family Recovery.


Frequently Asked Questions


How does it all work?

First, you must complete and submit a brief questionnaire or call our office. After our initial consultation, we'll provide you with a tailored written proposal. Upon your agreement/signature and contractual compliance, a consultant will be assigned to move forward and proceed with your instructional design and delivery. During this time, ORB Consulting will continuously communicate with you steering and guiding you through the entire consultation process to ensure total satisfaction and success.  

When can I start?
You can start right now by completing the ORB Profile below. A consultant will contact you to gather any additional information and initiate your customized plan. Your ORB Consulting experience can begin. 

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