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ORB’s Mission: Create, promote and foster an organization's culture by providing comprehensive training and consultation services to promote awareness, build knowledge, and cultivate positive attitudes among employees and in so doing helps to enrich the organization. 

ORB Consulting, LLC consulting services will provide development and training opportunities to enhance an organization's employee knowledge base and skillset. 


Training and Consultation


  • Results-driven classes structured to align with organization's policies and procedures.  Training can be designed and tailored to adapt to needs expressed by the company and its goals. 

  • Comprehensive education delivered through one-on-one sessions by virtual meetings or interactive classroom settings, aimed at enhancing your workforce's understanding, awareness, and morale regarding complex and relevant trending topics. 

  • Professional curriculum that can be designed for "Train the Trainer" purposes to enable ongoing employee knowledge, awareness, and communication development.  

Training topics include:

Managing Client Relationships


Workplace Ethics

Workplace Discrimination (For Leaders Only)

Workplace Communication Musts

Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

Inclusion & Cultural Diversity

Vital Cog Suicide Prevention in the Workplace/Construction  certifications

Emotional Intelligence

Mental Health First Aid, Adult, Youth & Teen Program certifications

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Hello, I’m O. Regina Bond!


My commitment to you is that we ensure a stellar level of service that will help your organization compete and succeed—all through tailored services that will position the organization for long-term success. 
I am honored to work and partner with consultants who are highly professional and committed to the growth of organizations-in-need. No matter how small or great those needs are, we are dedicated to helping you improve upon them.
Just like its name “ORB Consulting”, we take great pride in the results ORB can deliver and truly want to support your journey."

O. Regina Bond, Owner 

ORB Consulting, LLC is a partner with: 


                                   BALM Family Recovery 

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply?

Complete and submit the Profile under "Let's Get Started!"  You can also contact us with a call or text at 614-935-9842.


What are the net steps once questionnaire is completed? 


1. An initial consultation takes place upon receipt of a completed questionnaire. 


2. You will receive and review your tailored written proposal. 


3. Once a signed contractual agreement is obtained, a consultant will be assigned to move forward with the design and delivery of your company's instructional training.  


What happens once a contractual agreement is secured? 

ORB Consulting, LLC will continue consultation with you and provide guidance throughout the entire process to help ensure a successful training opportunity. 


When can I start?

Start by completing and submitting the Profile outlined below.  A consultant will contact you to gather any additional information to begin customizing your company plan. 

Contact Us
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